Rental or replacement car

If you wish to book, extend or return a rental car, please notify LeasePlan Driver Center 2 working days in advance, in writing at, even if the rental or replacement car was made available for you by the service.

Rental and replacement car partners’ office hours are 8:00-17:00, therefore the earliest delivery time is 8:30 and the latest is 16:30. Outside office hours, rental car delivery is available for an extra fee.

Please check the followings when taking over a rental or replacement car:

Please always check the correctness of data in the documents. May you have any remarks regarding the services of our partners, please indicate it on the delivery-handover sheet and also inform LeasePlan Driver Center about it.

By acknowledging and signing the rental contract and the general rental and insurance terms and conditions, you confirm taking over of the rental car. If you notice any damage, deficiency or data incorrectness regarding the car or the documentation, please indicate it on the rental contract at the time of taking over (!), and ask for immediate correction. Please keep the modified document.

When you wish to return your rental car, please inform with LeasePlan Driver Center.

Driver Center: (+36 1) 236 3665 |

Some costs will need to be paid by your company:

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