A “green” date at the Mt. Hymettus Aesthetic Forest

November 28, 2019

A significant part of this green lung has become againfull of life thanks to this considerably vital action of volunteering.

LeasePlanHellas, one of the leading Car-as-a-Service companies, has remained for onemore year faithful to its participation in the volunteer reforestation of Mt.Hymettus, giving once again life and color to the mountain side where the treeplanting actions of LeasePlan Hellas traditionally take place.

Mt. Hymettus Aesthetic Forest, managed by the Athens Friends of theForest Association, was visited last October by 100 volunteers of bothLeasePlan Hellas and GENESIS Pharma, the first Greek pharmaceuticalbiotechnology company, who worked together and contributed to preservinggreenery and to its spreading. This time, the volunteers planted 75 new treeswith the assistance of other members of their families and looked after thetrees already growing from the previous reforestation activities.

Mr. Konstantinos Petroutsos, CEO of LeasePlan Hellas, stated: “Weare particularly happy that our staff was once again present and, witheagerness and responsibility, worked together, in order to offer its servicesto nature and the environment. Although this isn’t the first time that weactively participate in such an action, it is, nevertheless, one of the mostimportant ones, because we believe it is more imperative than ever for everyoneto be required to contribute to the sustainability of the planet, whichevidently needs us more than ever before. Without the Athens Friends of theForest Association and its exceptional work, none of our actions would have hadsuch value. We warmly thank the Association’s people and GENESIS Pharma fortheir participation.”

Ms. Konstantina Gavrielatou, working in the Corporate SocialResponsibility Department of GENESIS Pharma, stated: “It was the third timethat GENESIS Pharma worked together with LeasePlan for the preservation of Mt.Hymettus Aesthetic Forest and on the mountain side where the tree plantingactions of LeasePlan Hellas traditionally take place! This time, the peoplethat participated in the reforestation activities had the opportunity to plantnew trees and look after the ones already growing there from the previousreforestation activities, pruning them and cleaning out the weeds, so that thetrees can grow even more. We all should work together to protect and topreserve nature. This is something that we owe to ourselves and to our futuregenerations. Therefore, we also had many “young” volunteers with us, members ofour families, in order to raise their awareness concerning the forest’sprotection and for them to contribute to its preservation. We thank the peoplefrom LeasePlan and the Athens Friends of the Forest Association, who workedwith us, for giving us the opportunity to participate in such a wonderfulaction!”

LeasePlan Hellas actively proves its interest in the environment andthe future of our planet, whilst setting the positive example for taking allthe necessary next steps towards it.