LeasePlan Hellas leads the future of mobility together with its corporate clients at Thessaloniki

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LeasePlan Hellas, as a company looking ahead on what's next in mobility, leasing and the role that companies play in shaping the future of mobility in the Greek market, organised the 3rd special Test Drive event (1st in Thessaloniki) with next generation electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

In specific, on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, LeasePlan Hellas hosted a selected group of 30 corporate clients, who had the opportunity to be informed from company’s executives regarding the advantages of using electric and hybrid vehicles in corporate fleets, the benefits they offer, the legal and tax framework that currently apply in the Greek market, as well as the next steps that need to be taken to spread the use of EV.

Following the presentations, the clients had the chance to experience firsthand the future of mobility as they were given the opportunity to test drive 12 electric and hybrid cars on a predefined route of 150km in total (national and provincial road network). Participants’ impressions were very positive. Particularly the fact that the electric cars covered the distance without any autonomy issue was really impressive. The overall conclusion was that electric cars can be a solution that, for specific uses, could be an affordable and very cost-effective option.

LeasePlan is committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles in corporate fleets as more than half of the cars on the streets are owned by companies worldwide, which makes them the perfect starting point for the transition to EVs. Driven by this commitment and with more than 1.8 million vehicles under its management, LeasePlan has taken a leadership role in the transition from the internal combustion engine to alternative powertrains, targeting net zero emissions by 2030. In addition, LeasePlan is transitioning its employee fleet to electric vehicles by 2021.

LeasePlan Hellas already owns an electric car fleet for the sales department that uses them to go to business meetings and has set up electric power stations in Greece, has rented the first 10 electric cars and over 700 hybrid cars.

Published at May 27, 2019
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May 27, 2019

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