LeasePlan and Draeger try to prevent the road traffic accidents

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According to the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), 23-25% of road traffic deaths in Greece - as also in most EU member states - are considered to be related to alcohol consumption.

While road traffic accidents are high in the list of leading causes of death, especially among young people, the promotion of solutions which prevent the factors causing said accidents is a top priority for the mobility sector; not only for the industry but also for the institutions. In such a framework, starting mid-2022, all new vehicles in the EU market must have advanced safety equipment, according to the related EU-guideline. This equipment also includes the obligatory installation of Alcohol Interlock devices, which prevent driving in case of extreme alcohol consumption.

LeasePlan and Draeger Hellas S.A., a company active in the sectors of medical technology and technical safety, combine their powers, in order to contribute to the reduction of alcohol-related road traffic accidents. Within the framework of this cooperation, LeasePlan will provide every client with the possibility of acquiring - together with the vehicle of their preference - an alcohol testing device, which they will be able to use any time before driving; one more preventive measure, so that drivers can reach their destination safely.

This cooperation between LeasePlan and Draeger Hellas S.A., in the framework of which LeasePlan clients will have the chance to own an alcohol testing device by acquiring their new vehicle, is another step towards the realization of both companies’ common vision for safe road transport.

Besides, for us, at LeasePlan road safety is at the core of our development strategy. We aim for zero serious road traffic injuries by 2030 for our whole fleet. That is why, we have developed SafePlan Zero; a full approach aiming to improve the safety of fleets, drivers and vehicles. Through SafePlan Zero, we contribute to the education of the employees about the importance of safe driving, and we offer reports and measurements about fleet safety, as well as advice on the effective integration of safety in a company’s fleet policy. In parallel, our company uses tools - such as the lease of an alcohol testing device - which keep drivers safe while on the road.

Published at August 4, 2022
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August 4, 2022

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