What's next?

A brand new lease vehicle!

All good things come to an end. The same is true for your lease contract. What happens next? That depends on you. Did your situation change? Do you want to go electric? LeasePlan offers a solution that suits your needs.

Choose a new lease vehicle

LeasePlan offers loads of vehicle brands and models. You can configure the vehicle you plan to lease or choose from a selection of Special Deals, pre-configured models with attractive rates and fast delivery times. In just a few clicks you can choose the Special Deal that you prefer and request a quote. And if you would like some support, we are happy to help you find what’s next for you.

Special Deals

Keep driving your current vehicle

If you’re happy with your current situation, you can always extend the contract of your current vehicle. Based on the current mileage and expected maintenance and repair costs, LeasePlan will calculate a new lease term for your current vehicle. Want to extend your lease contract today?

Other options

Used vehicle leasing

Lease a relatively new and well maintained used vehicle for an attractive lease rate for a period up to 2 years.

See our used vehicles 

Buy your vehicle

Want to keep driving your trusted lease vehicle? Request a free quote to buy your car at a desirable price.

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If you no longer need or want your current lease vehicle you can of course return your vehicle once your lease contract expires. Find out more


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