Fleet Management Services

The choice is yours

We want to keep your business moving forward. From online tools to complete sustainability programmes, here's how we can help.

We offer a 360° service – finding the right balance:

  • Reducing costs
  • Keeping your employees happy
  • Working towards a greener planet

Always thinking of what's next for you. Whether you would like it to be long term. Or you're just looking for a short-term solution. We are flexible. And so are our services. It's up to you.

Online fleet management. Less paperwork, less hassle for you

We have useful online tools for:

  • Fleet reporting
  • Internet Quotations (IQ)
  • Online Driver Service (My LeasePlan)
  • e-Invoicing
  • SIMS (For Suppliers)
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Consultancy services - what’s the next step for you?

Reviewing your company’s mobility. Improving sustainability. Reducing fleet costs. And ultimately optimizing your fleet. Let us help make this complex process easier, for you. We have a dedicated team of consultants. Worldwide. Offering tailormade solutions.

Together we will look at what’s next for you:

  • Lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    Without compromising your fleet’s performance
  • Developing benchmarking studies
    To track your competitors and compare them to your company
  • Reducing CO2 emissions and producing a greener fleet
    By reviewing your mobility budget, vehicle choice and driver behaviour
  • Engaging your employees. Keeping them happy and mobile
    For increased productivity and lower employee turnover
How will we do this?

Leasing products


Easy Plan

Easy Plan is a simple and straight forward solution that offers a standard range of services that are particularly suited to smaller vehicle fleets. Easy Plan is a compact and completely predefined service package. Especially designed for small fleet customers who have little or no experience with leasing.

Provides a maximum outsourcing of fleet management to enable customers to focus on their core business. Some benefits are:

  • No risk of unexpected costs because the lease price is set-up-front.
  • Being provided with the essentials: as simple, 'no frills' product to suit the needs of smaller fleets and/or fleets where low cost is the only buying criterion.
  • Ease of budgeting and forecasting, accurate and reliable with fixed costs for specific costs for specific services.

Comfort Plan

Comfort Plan has been developed to deliver vehicle leasing and fleet management on a set budget throughout the life of the lease, whilst ensuring you and your drivers receive agreed service levels. The focus is on simple pricing and a clear fleet policy to deliver comfort and control. Especially designed for the mid-size companies.

It provides a maximum outsourcing of fleet management to enable customers to focus on their core business. Single benefits are:

  • No risk of unexpected costs, because lease price is set up front.
  • Full range of service is available.
  • Flexibility is available.
  • Ease of budgeting and forecasting, accurate and reliable with fixed costs for specific services.

Services upon request

LeasePlan, which is a global leader in corporate fleet management, offers a suite of extra services upon its customers’ consent:

  • Pick-up & Delivery Service: LeasePlan is able to pick-up your fleet’s vehicles in the event of an accident, emergency breakdown or a scheduled service and deliver the vehicles upon completion of the works.
  • Vehicle Transfer Service: LeasePlan undertakes the transfer of your fleet’s vehicles from one city to another during the lease period.
  • Vehicle Safeguarding Service: During the driver’s temporary or permanent departure, LeasePlan is able to safeguard the vehicle on behalf of the customer until it is picked-up by the same or another driver.
  • Short-term Vehicle Rental Service: With this service the LeasePlan customer may rent a vehicle for a short term without research and negotiation procedures, or separate invoicing. Given its large purchasing power, LeasePlan is able to offer short-term rental solutions within a short timeframe at the best possible price undertaking all the management. LeasePlan is able to offer extremely good geographical coverage by virtue of its network of partners.