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Fleet Reporting

Fleet Reporting, offers you the ability to efficiently manage your corporate fleet at real time. Thus, by accessing the LeasePlan portal you are able to download necessary files or automatically receive required information by e-mail, selecting the time period and file format you prefer (xls, pdf, etc).

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Internet Quotations

This online application is simple and easy to use. The tool allows you to instantly and easily calculate the lease for any vehicle that you desire. Thus, you are able to compare lease amounts between different lease scenarios and create your company’s car policy.

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Discover My LeasePlan!

At your services 24/7!

My LeasePlan offers LeasePlan drivers the opportunity to:

  • Contact LeasePlan
  • Stay informed about their leased car
  • Manage their personal profile
  • Update mileage
  • Request a service and get relevant information
  • Request tyres' change and get relevant information
  • Learn about MOT/fume card scheduling and service points
  • Request a green card
  • View the list of glass repair service points
  • Learn how to manage and report a breakdown
  • Learn how to manage and report an accident/theft
  • Get information about road assistance
  • Get information about car return process
  • Access useful documents
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LeasePlan on my (smart)phone, with no phone calls

Our brand new mobile app LeasePlan is at your disposal. We are able to perceive every single new need that you have and offer the ideal solution. This time, we created for you this absolutely useful app in its friendliest version.

Download it now from the App Store (iPhone, iPad), Google Play or the Windows Phone Store by typing: LeasePlan.

SIMS - Supplier Integration Management Solution

Immediate approval to the supplier - Faster customer service!

An automated web application that connects suppliers with LeasePlan, offering the following benefits:

  • Facilitates procedures related to vehicle maintenance.

  • Simplifies the registration and monitoring of operations, spare parts and related costs.

  • Provides quick access to specifications and costs of spare parts for all car manufacturers.

  • Offers instant approval, automatic or manual, without further contact with LeasePlan.

    Meet our new, online point of contact with LeasePlan today!

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Constantly aiming at providing services that make corporate fleet management easier, LeasePlan offers yet another service: electronic invoicing. With this service you will be able to receive your invoices electronically on pre-determined dates. Moreover, you are able to enter your details electronically, store, archive and locate documents via the electronic page and finally you are able to confirm the compatibility of your account balances.

Access e-Invoicing