Together towards zero serious traffic injuries in 2030

Driver safety is critical

Did you know company car drivers have a crash and casualty rate that is 50% higher than private motorists? And that employers are responsible for the employee’s healthy and safety in every work related aspect, so also driving a company vehicle?

With 1.35 million road fatalities a year worldwide, it is our common responsibility to see what we as large companies can do to make a change.

We have the strong ambition to have zero serious road injuries in 2030. Will you join us?

To improve the safety of your fleet, we have developed SafePlan Zero. A pragmatic approach to achieve to set and achieve your safety goals.


SafePlan Zero at a glance

SafePlan Zero, a complete 4-step approach to help you improve fleet safety, driver safety and vehicle safety.

SafePlan Zero graphic - headings only 3

Enabling you to improve the driving behaviour of your drivers and the safety of your fleet by looking at the performance of your fleet, setting clear goals and help you with:


Safe fleet

Better monitor your fleet performance and make consious choices like changing your car policy.


Safe driver

Raise the awareness with drivers on the importance of driver safety and facilitate them to improve their driver skills.


Safe vehicle

Looking at smart technologies and making conscious decisions to make your vehicle safer.

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