Flexi Plan

Flexible offering to meet changing mobility needs

Do you wish you could be more flexible in order to meet your company’s seasonal needs? Have you said “yes” to leasing but you look for an even more flexible mobility solution that will make you feel sure and secure any time for any time? Meet Flexi Plan, a LeasePlan’s leasing service that will help you take the next step!

The next step

The mobility field is constantly changing and our goal is to provide solutions for all mobility needs, whether for a few hours or for years. We are focused on our strategy and, at the same time, we are flexible to offer everyone what they really need.

We developed Flexi Plan in order to meet the growing demand for driver mobility solutions as an alternative to the traditional lease product. Flexi Plan offers a full-service package for between one month and two years. It is designed for companies that do not want a long-term, high-commitment contract because their long-term mobility needs are unclear. This mobility solution offers flexibility in terms of contract duration and mileage. Furthermore, there are no early termination fees and clients do not incur penalties if their mobility needs suddenly change.


Product characteristics

  • Mileage: 2,000 klm/month
  • Cost of additional kilometers: €0,07 +VAT /klm
  • Deductible: € 350 +VAT /damage
  • Duration: 3 – 24 months for existing customers and 6 - 24 months for new customers
  • Early termination after 3 months for existing customers and 6 months for new customers: No charges
  • Early termination (< 3 months for existing customers and < 6 months for new customers): 1 monthly lease
  • Minimum number of cars for new contracts: 5 cars

Price details

  • Full maintenance, repair and service to authorized Service Centers selected by LeasePlan
  • Tires change every 40,000 km
  • Third party liability coverage
  • Additional coverage (partial or total theft, fire, natural disasters, breakage glasses - own damage)
  • Road tax
  • Accident care
  • Road assistance
  • Replacement of the vehicle (accident, damage, theft)
  • Customer service center for all questions 24 hours a day 365 days a year (210-6100050)

Interested in Flexi Plan?