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Your drivers are our priority

As the world’s leading car-as-a-service company, your drivers’ safety is our priority. That’s why we provide the necessary reporting on accidents in your fleet and the proper information about safe driving, both in the company and in drivers, helping to reduce accidents and CO2 emissions, while reducing fuel and damage costs. In addition, with SafePlan, our safe driving program, we help your drivers improve their driving skills and drive responsibly.

Driver satisfaction is also key, not in the least because happy employees are more productive. With My LeasePlan drivers have full access to information about the leased vehicle and are able to book maintenance and repair of the vehicle. They also have access 24/7 to LeasePlan Driver Service Line.


Driver's Safety is our priority

We use drivers data to better inform both the company and drivers and reduce accidents and related costs.

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Proactive maintenance for drivers

Your drivers will proactively receive reminders to book appointments for KTEO/KEK, keeping all your vehicles in tip-top shape and road-safe. Safety first!

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My LeasePlan: The Self-Service App for Drivers

My LeasePlan is drivers’ one-stop shop for all car-related service and maintenance. Drivers can book repairs and maintenance, report damage and accidents, book tyre changes, update mileage… all a click away.

SafePlan Zero

Did you know company car drivers have a crash and casualty rate that is 50% higher than private motorists?

o improve the safety of your fleet, we have developed SafePlan Zero. A pragmatic approach to achieve to set and achieve your safety goals.

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