Driver’s Legal Protection

The «Driver’s Legal Protection» insurance plan is offered through LeasePlan’s Fleet Management services to its clients by the Insurance Company “LeasePlan Insurance” of the LeasePlan Corporation N.V. Group.

Activation of plan

The plan is activated when claims arise against the authorized driver of a fleet vehicle. In order for the plan to be activated, these claims must be a result of driving and the driver must be included in the «Driver’s Legal Protection» plan.


Persons at whom the Plan is aimed

The person(s) stated to LeasePlan as the Driver(s) of the vehicle. More specifically, the coverages apply to the person who drove the car and for whom said claim was created, insofar said person has been included in the plan.

Plan benefits

  • Coverage of legal expenses or expenses in relation to specialist experts, as well as any costs required up to the amount of € 5,000 for the defense of the driver’s legitimate interests when:
  1. S/he, as the driver of the vehicle, seeks compensation for Personal Injury caused during a road accident by the driver who is culpable for the accident and such driver’s insurance company (seeking of compensation in or out of court).
  2. S/he, as the driver of the vehicle, needs to defend him/herself before a criminal court as the person liable for Personal Injury caused to third persons during a road accident.
  • Coverage of traveling, overnight accommodation and maintenance  expenses up to the amount of  €350 when, as the driver of the vehicle who is culpable for a road accident, s/he must appear before a criminal Court outside the area of his/her permanent residence and at a distance exceeding 200 kilometers within Greece.
  • Recovery of the driver’s driving license which has been revoked due to the involvement of the driver in a road accident.
  • Coverage of the expenses associated with the assistance of an interpreter in case of arrest and detention of the driver due to the driver’s involvement in a road accident that occurred outside Greece.

Legal expenses and relevant costs covered by the plan

  • Defence attorney fees
  • Court expenses for the carrying out of the proceedings
  • Statutory compensation of witnesses summoned to appear in court
  • Statutory compensation of experts appointed by the court
  • Process servers’ fees
  • Any court costs of the opposing party
  • Other costs necessary for the carrying out of the proceedings


Greece and the EEA countries 

Cases in which the plan is not activated

The plan is not activated when the driver:

  • Does not have the statutory driving license
  • Does not have the permission of the vehicle owner to drive the vehicle
  • Was driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances
  • Used the vehicle in races, competitions or tests

Actions after the accident

The actions which must be performed after the accident are the following:

  • Filling-in and sending of the Road Accident Statement (if Accident Care has not been called)
  • Notification to LeasePlan Hellas about the road accident by calling the Driver's Help Line 210 6100050 within 8 days after the date of the accident.

The Accident Management Team of LeasePlan Hellas will inform the driver about all actions which will be subsequently performed in order for the plan to be activated.