Driver’s Legal Protection

The «Driver’s Legal Protection» insurance plan is offered through LeasePlan’s Fleet Management services to its clients by the Insurance Company “LeasePlan Insurance” of the LeasePlan Corporation N.V. Group.

Activation of plan

The plan is activated when claims arise against the authorized driver of a fleet vehicle. In order for the plan to be activated, these claims must be a result of driving and the driver must be included in the «Driver’s Legal Protection» plan.

Persons at whom the Plan is aimed

Persons at whom the Plan is aimed

The person(s) stated to LeasePlan as the Driver(s) of the vehicle. More specifically, the coverages apply to the person who drove the car and for whom said claim was created, insofar said person has been included in the plan.

Plan benefits

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Legal expenses and relevant costs covered by the plan


Greece and the EEA countries

Cases in which the plan is not activated

The plan is not activated when the driver:

Actions after the accident

The actions which must be performed after the accident are the following:

The Accident Management Team of LeasePlan Hellas will inform the driver about all actions which will be subsequently performed in order for the plan to be activated.