EV private lease

The new way of driving

Drive your dream car for a fraction of the price with our irresistible Private Lease offers. From diesel to electric cars, manual to automatic, choose from LeasePlan’s wide selection of makes and models right here – all for a fixed monthly price. Book a Private Lease today.

3 reasons to drive electric

  1. Better for the environment

    Driving electric means zero CO2 emissions which is better for the environment. As countries and cities moves towards zero emissions regulations, making the switch now means you're ahead of the curve.

  2. Lower fuel costs

    Charging with electricity is cheaper than fossil fuel, in addition EVs usually comes with attractive tax breaks. Electric engines require less maintenance, saving you time, money and hassle.

  3. Quieter, smoother drive

    Driving an electric vehicle is smooth, quiet and comfortable. Charging networks are growing and fast charging technology is improving meaning EVs have a longer range and quicker charging times.

Private lease: the new driving is electric

Driving electric has never been so easy or economical. With LeasePlan’s Private Lease offers, you can switch to a more sustainable life – without a long wait and at a fixed monthly fee. Better yet, electric cars are quieter and cheaper to drive. Take your pick from our wide range of electric vehicles designed to suit every lifestyle. Plug into freedom today.

Discover EVs for private lease

FAQs about sustainable mobility

What is the benefit of private leasing ? Our lease cars are already available, guaranteeing you the best price and shortest delivery time. We choose the most popular options for you and order these Private Lease cars in large quantities. This allow us to offer you discounts that large companies also receive.