Supporting documents required for leasing a car

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When you decide to lease a car, you must search for a company that is both affordable and reliable.

At LeasePlan, we are here for you to guide you through every step of the process, in order for you to get your new leased car, whether you are a natural person or a company, as well as to renew or build your business fleet.

We do know that bureaucracy may sometimes seem tiring or endless. This is why we have categorized for you the supporting documents needed based on the type of person. Let’s see what this means:

For natural persons

For sole proprietorships

All of the above plus the E3 form, instead of the pay slip, and the certificate of business commencement. For General Partnerships and Limited Partnerships the same documents are necessary, as well as the Ubo form. For Limited Liability Companies, Public Limited Companies and Single-Member Companies, the necessary documents are the following:

For Private Companies

Most certainly, more documents are required by bigger companies who want to develop their commercial fleet. See below a detailed list with all the required documents for Private Companies (IKE):

Of course, the above apply only the first time you decide to lease a car from LeasePlan.

For individuals:

For individuals and companies that are already members of the LeasePlan family, and they simply renew their contract, only a few supporting documents are required.

For companies

Accordingly, for companies, depending on the type of company, the following are also required:

Published at November 28, 2022
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November 28, 2022

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