Economical driving: Ways to reduce fuel consumption

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With the average cost of gasoline to be high, fuel efficiency has become a major concern for drivers everywhere. The more you reduce fuel consumption, the less money you will spend.

Fuel efficiency is an important factor when driving, especially during long-distance driving. While on the road, try keeping your car well-maintained, drive at the right speed and in a smooth manner. So, if you want to discover ways to reduce consumption, follow the following tips on how to improve fuel efficiency when driving and drive more responsibly.

Adjust your driving habits

One of the best ways to reduce fuel consumption is to change your driving habits. When you accelerate, brake and drive abruptly, you consume fuel. However, you can save fuel by changing your driving habits, e.g. by using cruise control, if available. This feature is ideal when driving in a motorway, since it keeps your speed stable and you can deactivate it at any time.

Combine your trips and your journey

If you combine many brief and close-by stops in a trip, fuel use will be much lower and you will also save time. Similarly, when you get ready for a road trip, it’s useful to plan the route beforehand, in order to avoid any stops and alternative routes which will increase fuel consumption.

Drive at the right speed

It is important to drive at a stable speed throughout your trip. Don’t forget that driving smoothly and at lower speeds results in a decrease of the car wear and tear as well as fuel consumption.


Tyre maintenance

Driving with worn tyres may increase fuel consumption. Moreover, driving with low tyre pressure may damage the tyres and your vehicle. You must regularly check the depth of the tyres’ tread and keep the right pressure to prevent uneven wear of the tyres. Driving using the right type of tyres for your vehicle may save fuel.

Right use of air conditioner and windows

Modern cars have many non-driving factors that may increase fuel consumption. Air conditioning is one of them. Consequently, make sure you make good use of the air conditioner without setting it too high or low, or leaving it on for too long. The ideal option is the auto mode. Bear in mind that open windows are recommended only in the city and at relatively low speeds, so that they do not negatively affect the aerodynamics of the car, leading to an increase in consumption. When speed exceeds 80 km/h, keep windows closed.

Drive electric or ... hybrid cars

Electric driving is the future of driving and perhaps it’s high time for you to join it. By choosing a hybrid model or a fully electric vehicle, not only is fuel consumption dramatically reduced, but you also contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. In LeasePlan, you will find a broad range of hybrid and electric cars to make this shift today.

Published at September 20, 2022
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September 20, 2022

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