Transporting children: 8 Tips for back to school

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Back to school represents an opportunity for adults and children to share a space that, although short, is especially significant in daily communication between parents and children. The car is the scene of that special moment.

September has come and with it come back the classes, the hustle and the races in the morning. It is advisable to review these precautions that we must have daily to take children by car every day to school.

What are those tips?

8 tips to drive children to school on their first day

1. Check the car in advance

Don't be surprised on the morning of the first day with the tank without fuel, or simply a car that doesn't start. From the night before, take a few minutes to check the car and check that everything is in order. Not only so you don't have trouble in the morning, but for the safety of the children .

2. Exit in time

Your children are not the only ones in town who start classes that day. Can you imagine the jam? To avoid damaging your day, leave the house with enough time and mentally prepare yourself for the typical delay and traffic of the first day of school. With the passing of days, things are adjusting. But on the first day, you should leave much earlier.

3. Check before leaving

There are many things that the children must get ready for their first day of school. The books, the backpack, an agenda, pens…  So that nothing is missing, and you do not have to return home, wasting time and patience in the process, it is best that, before leaving, you make a check list with the children to verify that everything is complete.

4. Create interest in the new school year

Once on the way, with the full arsenal, something will have to be discussed. It is at this time that the father or mother must assume leadership. Talk about how exciting this new school year will be. Emphasize the good times they are going to experience. New friends, new subjects, learn about the experiences of friends during the summer. The goal must be to create expectations for this new school year.

5. Even if there is a jam, do not show despair

You know there will be a jam. So don't despair. Do not stress. Let the children feel that this was planned. Take the opportunity to start some kind of game. May the time you spend in traffic jam become a fun and enriching recreational space.

6. All with seat belts

On the return to school, or on any trip, short or long, that you undertake with children, the use of a seat belt is mandatory. Don’t forget it!

7. Park in the right place

Generally, parking to drop children off or pick them up can be a drama. Some parents often abandon the children in the middle of the road, so that they reach the sidewalk and enter the school. This of course is not recommended at all. The lack of parking spaces in schools is something that will come up all year, but especially on the first day of school after the summer. The correct thing is to find a free place, even if you have to walk a couple of streets.

8. Check the departure time

Finally, don’t  forget to check the departure time, which, generally on the first day, is different from normal hours.

Exhausting? It is possible that yes, but they are also pleasant experiences that your children will keep for life.

The important thing is that it be done safely and with love.

Published at September 8, 2020

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September 8, 2020

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