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Suggested measures for car theft protection!

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Do not make yourself a victim of theft, but borrow ideas! Instances of cars being broken into or even of total theft of auto are indeed at particularly high levels. Therefore these numbers cause a certain feeling of insecurity. However, it actually depends much on us on whether we end up victims of theft and avoid feeling this emotional and practical distress; losing time to reissue personal documents, to buy personal items once again etc. But how could we do that? Prevention is the answer! Borrow ideas!
Prevention = Take measures

Suggested measures while driving

  • We make sure there are no items or valuables visible in any place of the car that could attract the burglar’s attention. For example, we make sure that our handbag is not on the front passenger’s seat.
  • We make sure all doors and the trunk are locked, especially when we drive in the city.
  • We are very cautious when someone asks us to get out of our car in order to check e.g. a flat tire or a supposed damage that has been caused to our car.
  • We never leave our car running and the keys in the ignition, even if we have to get out of it for only few seconds. We always park and take our keys with us.
  • In case we notice our car is being followed, especially when we drive alone, the Hellenic Police recommends that we call the number 100 or drive to a police station.

Suggested measures concerning parking

  • We choose to park our car in central areas.
  • During the night, we choose well-lit parking lots and avoid empty and dark streets.
  • If it is possible, we leave the package tray and the glove box open, so that we “inform” the possible burglars that “it is not worth” breaking into the car.
  • We never leave items in full sight. Even the least valuable items could draw the attention and motivate a theft.
  • We always take the expensive items and valuables with us.
  • We never keep car spare keys in the car.
  • We check and make sure all windows are closed.
  • We lock, double-check that our car is locked and we activate the alarm (in case our car has one).

Suggested measures concerning the Long Term Parking

  • We prefer enclosed and secure parking garages. Even in this case, we follow the aforementioned instructions.
  • We do not leave any documents that show our identity or our home address, our house keys and/or anything else that anyone could take advantage of to cause us greater damage in the car.

In case of a theft

If you are a victim of theft, you should report the incident to the nearest police station and immediately call LeasePlan in order to fill in the report of theft. Driver's Help Line: 210-6100050

Published at May 1, 2017
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May 1, 2017

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