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5 Tips to reduce car accidents this Christmas

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The Christmas dates are approaching and there are many people who will use the car during these holidays. Whether the journey is short or long, it is very important to know the dangers that you may encounter.

The Christmas dates are approaching and there are many people who will use the car during these holidays to visit your relatives or make the trip that has been planned for a long time. Whether the journey is short or long, it is very important to know the dangers that you may encounter on the road and to act accordingly to avoid the most frequent accidents. For this, you can establish some simple actions that allows you to enjoy safe and risk-free driving, optimizing mobility and taking care of the health of your family.

The data speaks: millions of people travel during their holidays with their vehicle. The main causes of accidents come from distractions behind the wheel and from not respecting safety distances.

It is in our hands to reduce these figures, so that any driver can take advantage of the advantages of efficient driving. For this, we will only have to follow the 5 tips that LeasePlan proposes below . Thanks to this, we can achieve more efficient driving and minimize the risks of accidents.

1. Plan the trip in advance

You have surely been planning this trip for a long time. You know that you should take the car and very possibly have an approximate arrival time, which will most likely establish the departure time.

All this planning will facilitate you to carry out the previous tasks with enough time in advance so that the start of the trip is as smooth as possible . It is recommended to prepare your luggage a few days before, and load the car in the hours prior to the start. This will avoid rushing and nervousness when starting your driving, which, undoubtedly, will result in a more calm and smooth driving.

2. Start your trip rested

You must be rested whenever you drive. Especially if your trip is long, you should offer yourself enough time to sleep and eat something light before starting your journey. Without a doubt, this is the best plan to start driving in the most relaxed way possible.

Avoid driving out after eating large meals or without having had enough rest during the previous hours.

3. Check your vehicle

One of the tasks that must be present in the planning of your trip is to check your vehicle during the days prior to the journey. This way, you make sure the car is in perfect condition, which will contribute to enjoying a ride without any type of shocks. Also check the levels of antifreeze, oil, the condition of the battery or the windshield. Any small defect can cause accidents of different severity, so it is highly recommended to take them into account and correct any problems that may exist.

4. Check the condition of the wheels

Christmas is characterized by its low temperatures, which can cause significant frosts in many of the places in our geography. If you are going to travel to one of these places, it will be highly recommended to take into account the weather conditions to adapt your wheels to them . Carrying a set of chains in the trunk can be a great help in places with snow.

In addition, also check the wheels are in perfect condition to carry out a smooth ride. If the tread is at least 1.6mm deep, there is no need to worry. In the event that it is less, consider some solutions to enjoy a safer and optimal trip.

5. Make stops every 2 hours

If you are going to make long trips, it is highly recommended to stop every 2 hours. Stretch your legs, shed the fatigue of driving and hydrate. You will get back into our vehicle with renewed energy, which will improve your attention on the road.

With these 5 tips, you can carry out a much more efficient driving, avoiding possible problems behind the wheel. Apply them whenever you go to drive, and especially this Christmas.

Have a safe trip!

Published at November 12, 2020
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November 12, 2020

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