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LeasePlan Flexible means

  1. Flexibility and control

    With LeasePlan Flexible you're in charge. Although the minimum period is just 84 days, you have the flexibility and luxury of being able to keep each vehicle for up to 2 years.

  2. Easy to budget

    Prices include delivery and collection to any UK mainland location and up to £500 of end of rental refurbishment.

  3. Driver and company satisfaction

    Before delivery, we can let you know what vehicle(s) we are planning to provide whether you need one vehicle or 50 plus supported by a 24/7 driver assistance line.

  4. Vehicle quality

    We consider BIK, CO, safety, driver appeal and company image. We also quarantee that every vehicle will have sat nav, air con, blue tooth and rear parking sensores.

How does LeasePlan Flexible works?

  1. Enquire

    Fill out the enquiry form on our website.

  2. Speak to an expert

    They'll go through your enquiry and make sure our service is what you need.

  3. Complete a business credit check

    We just have to double-check your finances before we go any further.

  4. Receive and complete your contract

    Please review everything, sign it and send it back to us.

  5. Your rental account is processed

    Before you can reserve cars and vans throughout the UK, please give us a few days to process your account.

  6. Start making rentals

    You'll find everything you need on our secure booking website - and you can reserve, extend or off hire vehicles at anytime.

How short term hire helps your business

Daily business rental

(Less then 84 days)

  • One way travel: When you need to get from A to B, and it's too far for a taxi and too inconvenient for public transport, daily rental can be the solution. All you do is rent the cars for the journey and give it back when you get there.
  • Accident/breakdown replacement: It's hard to plan for accidents and breakdowns, so you may not have cover in your fleet. With daily rental, you can get cars or vans just when you need them to keep your drivers moving.

Flexible hire

(More the 84 days)

  • New starter: New cars and vans aren't always available straight away, With flexible hire, you can get an instant stop-gap. Your new starters can use it for as long as they need - and give it back when their car is ready.
  • Contractor/short-term project: When you have people who can't be with you long term, you may not want the cost or adminstration of buying or leasing more vehicles. With flexible hire, you can keep them mobile without long-term commitment.

Why LeasePlan?

We're the experts in leasing and mobility solutions. We've been helping organisations manage their vehicle fleet for over 50 years - saving them time, money an risk. Today, LeasePlan manage 1.64 milion vehicles in 33 countries worldwide and continue to lead the way in finding fleet management solutions for our customers. Our funding options are tailored around your needs, so however many vehicles you operate, we'll find you the right balance between cost, risk and efficiency. With LeasePlan, you're in safe hands.

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