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Arrow downWhat is the current situation with fines?

Arrow downI have received a fine or PCN. What should I do?

Arrow downWhat is a PCN?

PCNs are Parking Charge Notices for private parking. Please note that they are distinct from the Penalty Charge Notices that are issued by local authorities. A PCN is the document issued by the car park owner or operator for breaching the terms of the contract agreed by parking in the car park, or for trespassing. PCNs ask for payment of parking charges.

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Arrow downIs a Parking Charge Notice a fine?

Arrow downWhen does LeasePlan pay a fine/PCN?

Arrow downHow do I appeal against a PCN?

Arrow downWhat happens if I ignore a PCN?

Arrow downLeasePlan have given the Private Parking Company my details. Why are you now saying you are going to pay on my behalf?

Arrow downI have received a Congestion Charge/Bus Lane fine recharge. Why was this paid on my behalf?

Arrow downWhy have I been charged an administration fee on top of the fine?

Arrow downWhy have you charged me an administration fee?

Arrow downI would like to contest a fine (even if it has already been paid) - what do I need to do?

Arrow downI need to get a copy of a fine. What should I do?

Arrow downHow long does a Police authority have to issue a speeding fine to the registered keeper?

Arrow downI have paid a speeding fine. Do I have to notify LeasePlan?

Arrow downI was not in charge of the vehicle at the time the Fine/PCN was issued. What do I do?

Arrow downI have been incorrectly charged for a Congestion Charge penalty - how can I contest this?

Arrow downI have contested a Congestion Charge penalty with Transport for London (TFL) and they have agreed to cancel the fine. What should I do?

Arrow downI have received a recharge from LeasePlan for a fixed penalty notice as a result of an Insurance Advisory Letter. What should I do?

Arrow downWhich offences are Endorsable?

Arrow downWhich offences are Non Endorsable?

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