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Arrow downShould I cancel my Direct Debit?

Arrow downI have five or more LeasePlan vehicles – How do I request a Payment Waiver?

Arrow downI’ve been offered a Payment Waiver – when will I have to pay the money back?

Arrow downWhat is a Payment Waiver?

Arrow downWhat happens if you have taken a Direct Debit from my account that I needed to be included in the Payment Waiver?

Arrow downWill a Payment Waiver affect my credit rating?

Your credit rating will not be impacted by your Payment Waiver.

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Arrow downWhat if my Direct Debit has not been paid before LeasePlan has approved my Payment Waiver?

Arrow downI’ve requested a payment break but my next payment is due soon – what should I do?

Arrow downWhy is it taking so long to come back to me about my Payment Waiver?

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