Switching to an electric fleet

Switching to an electric fleet

Are you thinking about switching your fleet to electric, but have a lot of hurdles to overcome? Our EV specialists can give you the best advice based on your drivers’ needs and the availability of electric vehicles and charging solutions.

Active support in your transition into an electric fleet

Driver Impact Assessment

Support with driver analysis to profile the suitability of the driver population through an online questionnaire covering trip pattern analysis, residential status and propensity to charge at work/home or telematics data-driven evaluation.

Driver engagement and guidance through the creation of a driver focus group to establish learnings, identify champions and manage communication to wider population.

Handling exceptions

We recommend early driver engagement to identify issues, as an electric vehicle will not work for everyone.

At least, not without changes in behaviour and driver journey planning. Identifying challenging drivers early in the process through employee focus groups and scenario modelling will draw out the issues and the individuals who need a different approach.

LeasePlan’s expertise can help with modelling the appropriate solution for these drivers.

Client testimonial

EON HungaryLeasePlan helped us reduce CO2 emission by 10% as well as our fleet management resources by 50% due to their unique electric vehicle offers, qualified processes and their specialised team.

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