End-to-end charging solution

LeasePlan’s end-to-end charging solution

Switching to electric is one of the best decisions a company can make. It is better for the environment, a great experience for your drivers and with the low emission zones in cities combined with government incentives, costs are getting lower.

It is also easier than ever before. There are more electric vehicles available with better ranges, while all charging solutions can be delivered by LeasePlan. This way, you only have one single point of contact for all the logistics that come with an electric vehicle.

EV charge points and home charging solutions

We have included home charge points in the vehicle ordering process for drivers. The cost can be added to the lease or the driver can opt to pay outright.

This makes it simple for drivers, as LeasePlan and British Gas deal with claiming the government grant and provide support for installation.

Our standard home charging solution will be a British Gas Centrica Alfen S Line home chargepoint unit as an optional extra, included in your monthly allowance – as permitted by your employer.

Understanding the different types of chargers

Type of charger
New Rapid
Power output
DC 150 kW
DC 50kW
7 kW
Up to 3kW
BP Forecourt services
Motorway Services
Home workplace & destination
Speed (vehicle dependent)
up to 100 miles in 10 minutes
up to 33 miles in 10 minutes
up to 5 miles in 10 minutes
up to 2 miles in 10 minutes

Client testimonial

EON HungaryLeasePlan helped us reduce CO2 emission by 10% as well as our fleet management resources by 50% due to their unique electric vehicle offers, qualified processes and their specialised team.

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