Improve driver's safety

Driver safety is critical

Did you know that company car drivers have a crash and casualty rate that is 50% higher than private motorists? With 1.35 million road fatalities a year worldwide, it is our common responsibility to see what we can all do to make a change.

Using your driver data for a Safety First approach

LeasePlan offers direct access to your fleet data for insights, so you can set your targets based on what your drivers are doing. We help you set up a governance structure in your company and agree upon the safety KPIs. 

Our accident management programmes are supported with driver training and technology, helping your drivers decrease the number of accidents and lower your insurance premiums, while reducing down time, fuel cost and emissions.

Client testimonial

Siemens NorwayLeasePlan helped us increase the level of driver safety and satisfaction through SafePlan the programme and reduced damage cost with 25%.

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