Optimising your fleet costs

Managing your fleet costs

We understand that when it comes to business it’s evolving, and that cost efficiency is vital to budget for the future

There are many factors that determine the costs of your fleet. LeasePlan has the experience to help you analyse and assess the full cost of the fleet. Transparency is key.

Our teams of fleet experts, including our highly skilled Consultancy Services team, are here to give you the business insights, industry benchmarks and guidance you need to ensure your fleet is as efficient as possible.

Do you have lease vehicles that are coming to the end of their contract? Extending your current contracts can help you save cost and time, with detailed analysis to ensure optimum replacement cycles.


My Fleet

Everything you need to manage your fleet in one user friendly website. You can manage your vehicles efficiently with fleet insights to help you make the right decisions. My Fleet brings you easy-to-read high-level dashboards and the ability to drill down to information at a cost centre and vehicle level.

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Consultancy services

A proper car policy is key for an efficient fleet. Having the right vehicles for the right jobs increases fleet usability, while cost efficiency can help you budget properly. At LeasePlan, we have a team with experts who are here to advise you on all the aspects of your fleet.

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Electric Driving

We’re here to help you start electric, as we offer a wide range of vehicles plus expert support with your decisions. We also have charging solutions for your home and office, plus implementation services.

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Fuel cards

Take control of your drivers’ fuel spending, with access to over 2,500 fuel stations and security measures to safeguard you against fraudulent activity.

Fleet Glass Services

Minimise the disruption caused by glass repairs and replacement, as your drivers can call our team directly and we’ll then arrange everything for them.

Mileage pooling

Keep costs to a minimum by aggregating mileage across all returns over a calendar year, so under-mileage vehicles offset the excess mileage charges.

Reduce your fleet costs

We’ll work with you to assess your fleet costs and find ways for you to spend smarter. With insight into your direct and indirect spending, you have a full, transparent view of the end-to-end costs of the vehicles on your fleet.

Did you know? Direct costs include depreciation, interest, repair and maintenance, tyres, insurance, fuel, tax and fees. Indirect costs are often harder to quantify but have a significant effect on your bottom line, such as administration time or driver downtime.

What's next?

Management Only

Stay in charge of your fleet and the costs while benefiting from hassle free and efficient fleet management.

Keep the ownership of your fleet and outsource the management services, without a long-term lease commitment.

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LeasePlan helped us save up to 50% of our fleet costs due to their better pricing and strong purchase power because of their presence in 32 countries and global representation.

Here Global LeasePlan client, Netherlands

23 March 2020

Quick guide to fleet management

You’re looking for the best way to keep your company on the move. But the options can be overwhelming and the information available complex. That’s why we created this guide.

25 February 2020

When fleet management gets complex, it’s easier to LeasePlan

Running a fleet is challenging enough with targets to meet, sustainability and other policy demands, daily issues to resolve. Which is why we believe leasing should make your life easier

24 February 2020

It’s My Fleet for your fleet

We know that managing a fleet will never be straightforward, but we can make it a little easier. That’s why we’ve created My Fleet. This new online platform gives you the information you need to do your job – and it puts it all at your fingertips.

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