Short-term car and van rental

Find a short-term rental to suit your immediate needs

Short-term rental: From 1 day to 2 years

Short-term rental can range from a one-day car or van hire, right up to three, six and 12 months, even up to two years.

LeasePlan has two main rental products:

  • Daily Rental – for businesses only
  • LeasePlan Flexible – for businesses only

Short-term rental can be a great way to stay on the road, with the freedom to change and adapt when your business  needs to.

Short-term rental for businesses

LeasePlan has two key products for businesses: Daily Rental and LeasePlan Flexible.

Daily Rental gives you access to a nationwide fleet of half a million vehicles, ranging from hatchbacks to specialist commercial vehicles. We have set rates, so there are no seasonal surprises, and year-round availability to help keep your employees on the move.

Rentals range from one hour to days, weeks and even months – ideal for a quick, one-off job, or to give your new colleague a car during their probationary period.

Meanwhile, LeasePlan Flexible allows businesses to change vehicles after just three months. You can find out more about flexible rental on our dedicated page.

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Daily Rental

Fill an immediate gap in your fleet on an ad-hoc basis with our Daily Rental options.

  • Hire from one hour to three months.
  • With 2,500 locations across the UK and access to over 550,000 vehicles.
  • Specialist commercial vehicles available.
Daily Rental

Flexible Hire

When you need a vehicle for a longer period but unable to commit to a long-term contract, our Flexible Hire option is ideal.

  • Fleet managers can get a batch of identical vehicles.
  • Keep the vehicle for as little or as long as needed (84 days to two years).
  • We source vehicles with a high driver appeal and low BiK.
  • EV and plug-in hybrid cars available
Flexible Hire

Your choice of model

Opting for a short term hire doesn’t have to limit your choice of vehicles.

With LeasePlan, you can choose from a range of models, including pure electric and plug-in hybrids, to suit your taste and needs.

Explore our latest flexible rental deals

Find short-term hire deals for a period that suits you, from three months to two years.
VAUXHALL Corsa electric Elite Nav 50kwh - from £12.99 a day (ex. VAT)

CO2 0g/km Electric range 204

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VAUXHALL Corsa electric Elite Nav 50kwh - from £12.99 a day (ex. VAT)

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