Flexible vehicle hire

Lease a car or van with the freedom to change

Flexible car and van leasing explained

Flexible leasing lets you enjoy your car with the freedom to change when you need to.

There’s usually a minimum term, after which you can change your vehicle at any point during the contract. It means you can spend long enough with the car or van for it to feel like your own, without the pressure of a set agreement if your circumstances change.

LeasePlan has three main flexible leasing products:

  • LeasePlan Flexible – for business
  • LeasePlan Daily Rental – for business
  • LeasePlan Confident – for business

Advantages include:

  • You can choose a vehicle to suit your budget.
  • Businesses can tailor their fleet according to monthly or daily rates and take into consideration accurate benefit-in-kind (BiK) costs for drivers.
  • Companies and drivers can reduce their CO2 emissions by upgrading to an electric vehicle when they’re ready and as more vehicles become available

If you’re looking for short-term hire – ranging from one day to two years – our dedicated short-term leasing page could help

Find out more about short term leasing

LeasePlan Flexible

LeasePlan Flexible is available for both businesses and individuals.

We have separate products, but some key advantages are: 

  • You can choose a specific vehicle, not just a type.
  • We provide high-quality, high spec low-BiK vehicles, such as the VW Golf GTE.
  • Fleet managers can access a fleet of identical vehicles, or a variety to match grades and drivers
  • You can keep the same vehicle for as long as needed, with no costly or inconvenient swaps.
  • Great for probationary periods or short-term contracts.

To find out more, click on the link below to find a deal for you.

LeasePlan Flexible

Daily Rental

Fill an immediate gap in your fleet on an ad-hoc basis with our Daily Rental options. 

  • Rent from one day to months at a time to offer you full flexibility.
  • With 2,500 locations across the UK and access to over 550,000 vehicles means you have access to the widest range and number of vehicles.
  • Specialist commercial vehicles available including chapter 8, racking and other modifications.

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Daily Rental

LeasePlan Confident

Available to SMEs, our LeasePlan Confident offers protection against life-changing events. The vehicle lease contract can be terminated at any point if the employee:

  • leaves the organisation
  • is made redundant
  • is absent for an extended period, such as through illness.

This means your business can grow or downsize as required. Find out more via the button below.

LeasePlan Confident

Is flexible leasing right for you?

There are some big advantages with flexible leasing:

  • The freedom to swap your car or cancel your contract if your circumstances change, depending on which plan you select
  • Access to high-quality cars and vans – LeasePlan stocks well-specified models from appealing brands.
  • When you’re ready to, you can go electric ahead of the UK’s ban on diesel and petrol engines.

LeasePlan Flexible

Keep your vehicle from a minimum of three months up to two years, with the freedom to change when you need.


Daily Rental

Gives you access to a hire fleet of more than 500,000 vehicles, available to rent from as little as one day or less.


LeasePlan Confident

Lease business vehicles in a flexible way that allows you to terminate early if your situation changes.

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