Explaining LeasePlan Confident

LeasePlan Confident is a way for your business to lease vehicles with built-in cover that allows you to return them without an early termination fee if there is an unexpected event.

This means you can upsize your fleet to take advantage of new opportunities, while knowing you have the flexibility to downsize again if your situation changes, with no early termination charges for your business.


LeasePlan Confident covers six key events. Four relate to the employee driving the leased vehicle, while the other two apply to your business as a whole. They are:

  • Your employee resigns from your business
  • Your employee is made redundant
  • Your employee loses their driving licence for medical reasons
  • Your employee passes away
  • Your business partnership dissolves
  • Your business becomes insolvent

It’s important to note that this is not an insurance product. When you choose LeasePlan Confident, we commit to waiving our early termination charge for the areas covered.

Key exclusions and terms

As you would expect, there are some exclusions that apply as well as specific terms about the nature of the cover itself. Everything is covered in our full terms and conditions, but we would like to highlight the key points now, so it’s clear how the contract works.

  • We offer LeasePlan Confident to SMEs and small corporate businesses
  • The cover does not apply if an employee dies from self-inflicted injury or from alcohol, solvent or drug abuse
  • We do cover voluntary redundancy, but not retirement, the end of a fixed term contract, probationary periods, career breaks, relocations or dismissals for misconduct or industrial action
  • When a claim is being made for medical reasons, the licence must be set to be lost for at least six months (pre-existing conditions excluded)
  • For the cover to apply, the termination must be at least six months after the vehicle set live date
  • We must receive notice in writing seven days before the termination date
  • The maximum amount that will be paid by this cover for the early termination fee is £5,000. In the rare cases of early termination fees over this level, we will pay the first £5,000, with the remainder paid by you
  • Excess mileage and damage recharges must still be paid if they are applicable