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Our electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme makes electric driving more affordable than ever for your employees, as they pay for their cars each month from their salary before tax and National Insurance. Whatever the size of your organisation, it could allow you, and them, to go green much quicker.

Benefits for your business

  • Cut your company’s carbon footprint
  • Reduce long-term fleet costs, particularly in low emission zones
  • Save on employer’s National Insurance (NI) contributions
  • Give your employees one of the cheapest ways to drive electric
  • Boost employee motivation by offering company cars to everyone
  • Reduce your reliance on grey fleet

Early termination cover

One worry for many employers is that they could be left with unused lease cars if employees leave before the end of the contract – or need to be made redundant. That’s why we include early termination cover as standard with our salary sacrifice schemes.

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Salary sacrifice in eight easy steps

Part 1: Setting up your scheme

    1. Select your vehicle range

    Pick from a selection of vehicles and tailor the contract to your needs. Don’t forget deductions while you’re doing this.

    2. Decide on insurance

    You can insure the vehicles for your employees or ask them to arrange it themselves.

    3. Create your terms

    Decide if you want to add additional options into the vehicle contract like early termination cover.

    4. Promote the scheme

    Start speaking to your employees once the scheme is setup about the benefits of joining.

Part 2: Employee sign up

    1. Choose their vehicle

    Pick from a selection of vehicles

    2. Employee agreement

    Employees will need to agree to salary sacrifice, as it’s a change of contract. It may help to make a short policy document.

    3. Start salary deductions

    Once you know when an employee’s car is coming, you’ll need to amend payroll to reflect the change in salary.

    4. Get on the road

    Enjoy your brand new vehicle.

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