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    COVID-19 - Our response

    We want to do everything we can to look after our colleagues and your interests, so we have put in place our Business Continuity Plan in response to the coronavirus and have coordinated for our teams to work from home.

    Click here to find out more about what we are doing to keep your business moving.

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Arrow downWhat about my replacement vehicle delivery?

COVID-19 lockdown has had a big impact on the industry's ability to deliver new vehicles. Although the lockdown restrictions has eased, it will take some time to return to full capacity. With this in mind, new vehicle deliveries are not guaranteed, whether with us or with another company. We’ll communicate with you separately about any vehicle you have on order with us.

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Arrow downMy vehicle is due for return and I have advertising/logos on my vehicle, what should I do?

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Arrow downI have personalised plates on my lease vehicle. How do I arrange to have them transferred to another vehicle or removed before collection?

Arrow downI do not want to keep my personalised plate – what should I do?

Arrow downI want to cancel my vehicle collection, how much notice do I need to give?

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