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Alfonso Martinez

Managing Director of LeasePlan UK

As Managing Director of LeasePlan UK, Alfonso is responsible for the strategic direction and business performance across the corporate, SME, public sector and consumer markets.

Before joining the UK team, Alfonso served as Chief Financial Officer of Spain before becoming Managing Director of LeasePlan Italy six years later in 2012.

During the past three years, Alfonso has overseen the successful re-launch of LeasePlan EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme and our award-winning Electric Moments campaign, which has helped thousands of drivers to make the switch to an electric vehicle.

Alfonso has also spearheaded LeasePlan’s own sustainability commitments as an EV100 founding member, including the rollout of electric vehicles across our own company fleet.

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Chris Black

Commercial Director of LeasePlan UK

After joining LeasePlan as New Business Sales Director in 2017, Chris was appointed to the position of Commercial Director after less than a year into his role.

With over 20 years’ experience in the automotive and financial service sectors, Chris is responsible for growing LeasePlan’s fleet, strengthening key customer relationships and enhancing LeasePlan’s product offering.

As one of the main drivers behind LeasePlan Flexible - LeasePlan’s long-term rental solution - Chris helped to support countless businesses throughout the pandemic with greater flexibility and security.

He has also played an instrumental role in the successful re-launch of LeasePlan’s EV Salary Sacrifice scheme and our award-winning Electric Moments campaign, which has helped thousands of drivers to make the switch to an electric vehicle.

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Matt Walters

Head of Consultancy Services and Customer Value at LeasePlan UK

As Head of Head of Consultancy Services and Customer Value, Matt looks after some of the largest fleets in the UK. He is responsible for delivering insight and improvement programs to our customers and helping them to transition to more sustainable fleets.

A keen environmentalist, Matt’s passion for sustainability, especially for all things electric, has led to a natural platform as a spokesperson and champion for LeasePlan UK. He is regularly featured in some of the UK’s leading national newspapers and fleet trade publications.

Matt in the news:

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Matt Dillon

Head of Commercial Vehicles at LeasePlan UK

Matt joined LeasePlan in 2021 to head up our commercial vehicle proposition, bringing with him 13 years of experience in the fleet and financial sector.

Prior to LeasePlan Matt was Fleet & Plant Manager at Amey, which operates one of the largest and most diverse fleets in the UK. He subsequently held senior strategic account management and operational management roles within Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, including responsibility for several of their key commercial vehicle fleets.

During his time at LeasePlan, Matt has supported some of the UK’s largest fleets to transition to electric and reduce their carbon emissions.

Matt in the news:

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Steve Kirwan

Director of Operations of LeasePlan Insurance

Steven Kirwan is the Director of Operations of LeasePlan Insurance, which insures over 900,000 vehicles around the world including business-critical commercial vehicles, company cars or pool cars for occasional business use.

As part of LeasePlan Insurance, Steven supports our customers with a range of fleet risk services to help fleet managers lower their insurance premiums and improve the safety of their drivers. This includes driver training, accident management, licence checking and LeasePlan’s Fleet Risk Assessment Tool.

Steven has over 24 years of experience in the insurance sector. He graduated from University College Dublin (UCL) with a BCL (Bachelor of Civil Law) degree in Law and holds a diploma from UCL in Digital Transformation.

Steven in the news:

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Neill Emmett

Head of Marketing at LeasePlan UK

Neill heads up our multi-award-winning marketing team at LeasePlan UK.

Their recent campaign, Electric Moments, has been celebrated by both drivers and fleet-operating businesses, winning awards such as the CIPR award for best Corporate and Business Communications Campaign and the Drum Award for best B2B Thought Leadership Strategy.

His team have developed a go-to resource for drivers covering everything people need to know about switching to electric vehicles. This includes 50+ expert recommendation articles, EV educational video guides and free to access EV assessment tools.

Neill has over 20 years of marketing experience within the automotive, financial services and recruitment sectors. He has been at LeasePlan UK for the last six years.

Neill in the news:

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Suzanne Phillips

Commercial Performance Director at LeasePlan UK

Suzanne joined LeasePlan in 2020, bringing with her a wealth of experience from over 20 years in the fleet and financial sectors.

Prior to joining LeasePlan, Suzanne worked at Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions as Head of Mobility Solutions where she oversaw their future fleet mobility strategy.

In her role at LeasePlan, she is responsible for leading the commercial performance function, including sales enablement, strategy development, digital and accelerating the transition of fleet decarbonisation.

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