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2022 Industry Fleet Sustainability Ranking report is now available

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This is the fifth time that we have analysed major industries across Europe to see what progress they are making on the move to low-emission fleets.
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It seems a particularly appropriate time to launch this edition of the report, as record temperatures have reminded people in many European countries (including the UK) about the importance of limiting CO2 emissions.

Road transport makes up around one fifth of the entire CO2 emissions in the EU – and around half of the vehicles on the road today are registered to companies.

Moving to low-emission vehicles can have a huge and measurable impact on a company’s overall emissions footprint – and for many companies, all it takes is a change in mindset, as they could even keep the same fleet strategy.

To see where the winners and sinners can be found, please download our report today.

Published at 29 July 2022
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29 July 2022
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