Total cost of ownership: How electric vehicles and ICE vehicles compare

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Our latest whitepaper we compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) between EVs and ICE vehicles.
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LeasePlan's Car Cost Index 2021 shows that in many European countries, EVs are even cheaper to drive than traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles (*source CCI 2021).

But how much does it cost to drive an EV compared to a similar ICE model, and where exactly can the differences be seen?

Contents of this white paper include:

  1. TCO explained: Which cost elements are included?
  2. Volkswagen Golf vs Volkswagen ID.3 in 22 countries
  3. EVs vs ICE vehicles: Comparing the individual cost elements
  4. Impact of the increase in energy prices

Download "Total cost of ownership: How electric vehicles and ICE vehicles compare" whitepaper today.

How much does an electric vehicle (EV) really cost?

Published at 1 April 2022
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1 April 2022
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