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LeasePlan UK introduces Start Electric, targeting net zero emissions by 2030

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LeasePlan UK has launched Start Electric, a pan-European campaign to encourage LeasePlan customers to make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs).
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LeasePlan, a global leader in Car-as-a-Service, is taking a leadership position in the transition from the internal combustion engine to EVs, targeting net zero emissions for its entire fleet by 2030. The company is also transitioning its employee fleet to EVs by 2021.

The Start Electric campaign gives customers, from SMEs to larger corporate clients, the opportunity to trial LeasePlan’s EV services and experience how easy it can be to make the switch to electric. LeasePlan’s EV proposition provides a complete end-to-end service, including charging solutions for home and office, as well as consultancy services and driver support.

With the launch of Start Electric, LeasePlan UK is accelerating the EV revolution. We’re committed to making it as easy as possible for our customers to make the switch. As well as offering a great driving experience, starting electric is a simple and practical way to reduce emissions and tackle the historic challenge of climate change.

Alongside the Start Electric campaign, LeasePlan is working with governments and the private sector to promote zero emission mobility and remove barriers to the adoption of alternative powertrains. The company is a founding partner of EV100, which looks to make electric transport the new normal by 2030, and the Zero Emission Vehicle Challenge. It is also taking a leading role in the World Economic Forum’s climate change activities.

Notes to Editors

LeasePlan has committed to achieving net zero emissions from its total fleet by 2030. Key elements in LeasePlan’s net zero emission roadmap include:

LeasePlan is a founding partner of The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative, launched at Climate Week NYC 2017 to make electric transport the new normal by 2030, and its Zero Emission Vehicle Challenge, which brings together the global purchasing power of businesses, cities, states and regions to accelerate the roll-out of zero emission vehicles

LeasePlan’s latest white paper, which discusses the various factors that affect corporates’ business case for EVs and advises on how to start transitioning to electric mobility, is available here

Published at 20 May 2022
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20 May 2022
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