Tighter rules for mobile phone use in vehicles

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It used to be that regulations stated that drivers couldn’t use their phones ‘to communicate’ while driving, which allowed one motorist to escape a conviction last year when they used their phone to film a crash.
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There is now a consultation underway to tighten up the law. It will mean drivers won't be able to use their phones in any way while they are behind the wheel and the vehicle is in motion ? even to change a song on a playlist, reject a call or make route changes when using the phone as a sat-nav.

Many drivers could be caught out if these new restrictions are introduced, as some of them relate to actions that may seem natural in the car, particularly around using the phone as a sat-nav. While the consultation doesn't close until January next year, it may be worth starting to prepare drivers for the likely decisions, and update your policies in readiness for the changes.

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You can respond on the consultation up until 17th January 2021 on line or via email by visiting the UK Government website.

For further information on the current laws around mobile and sat-nav use in a moving vehicle please read more here.

Published at 27 October 2020
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27 October 2020
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