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Working with Raven Housing

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Raven Housing manages around 7,000 homes in Surrey and Sussex. We have been supporting them since 2014; providing a range of vans for their housing and maintenance teams that look after their properties.
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It has been a long and successful partnership that was enhanced last year by the donation of a free van to Raven that they then passed on to a local charity, Loveworks, which runs food banks in the area.

This made it possible for Loveworks to spend less on food, as they can move larger quantities to their donation points, and deliver more food parcels to more people in need.

Chris Black, Commercial Director at LeasePlan UK, says:

“We have worked with Raven Housing for a long time now and we were delighted to have the opportunity to help them with their charitable work. We share with them a commitment to making a difference in our local communities – and with the fallout from the pandemic very much still with us, this van can keep the supply of food going to those most in need.”

Published at 19 July 2022
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19 July 2022
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