Used car leasing

Leasing like you are used to, with more flexibility and lower costs, leaving more cash for your core business.

As the Coronavirus affects all of us, we realise that although health comes first, the economic impact on not being able to work at full speed is a major threat to businesses. How can you continue to operate your business at a lower cost level and stay flexible to respond effectively to the continuous changes?

​LeasePlan has a broad variety of used vehicles and they come with the same services you are used to when leasing a new vehicle. There are four key benefits of used car leasing that can help particularly well in the coming months: ​ ​

The benefits of used car leasing​

A clear offer, excellent service and conditions that are simply clear.

  • Saving cash for your core business
  • Shorter contract duration (6, 12 and 24 months)
  • Lower monthly lease price compared to leasing a new vehicle
  • Quicker delivery of high quality vehicles

Used car leasing will keep you both mobile and flexible with lower costs.

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