Public charging: The do's and don’ts

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Public charging stations are fantastic resources. In just half an hour, they can charge most EV models back up to 80%. But if you’re new to EV driving, you might not know the etiquette around charging in public spaces.
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Don’t worry – we’re here to explain what you should do … and what you shouldn’t!

Do … take care of the charging point

Like any fuelling station, you should leave it in good condition. That means putting the connector back when you’re finished and not creating any trip hazards. If something is wrong with the equipment, report this in your charging app or contact the charging station administrator immediately.

Don’t … hog the charger

Charging your vehicle to 80% takes around half an hour. The final 20% also takes half an hour. Chasing those final percentage points is a poor use of your time, and the time of other road users, so don’t keep using the charger after you’ve reached 80%. Besides, overcharging is a bad idea in general: it raises the risk of your battery overheating. So don’t be selfish! Take the charge you need, then free up the charging point for others.

Do … keep an eye on the time 

Picture the scene: your EV won’t finish charging for half an hour, so you decide to make a call while stretching your legs. When you finish your conversation, you realise it’s been 45 minutes since you left your vehicle. As you get back, another motorist is waiting to use the charger and looking impatiently at their watch!

By keeping an eye on the time, you won’t use the public charger for longer than necessary, and you can help other drivers get back on the road quicker. Some stations have time limits for public charging: make sure you respect these rules.

Don’t … treat the charging station as a parking space!

We’ve saved the worst for last. It’s one thing to leave your car charging for too long, but hogging the space without even using the charger is inexcusable! If you’re not using the charger, park somewhere else. It’s that simple.

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September 21, 2022
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