Leasing Contract about to exprire?

Explore your options

1. Get a new leasing car

Our recommendation is to start the ordering process for a new car as soon as possible, as the delivery times are quite long.

Please familiarize yourself with your employer’s car policy and order practices in advance. In addition, please make sure in advance that starting a new vehicle order is allowed by your employer. You can either take test drives and design the accessories and other details of the vehicle with the dealership’s salesperson, or you can directly contact our customer service for advice and offer. If you visit the dealership, please ask the salesperson to send the quotation to LeasePlan.

Please fill in theTender request with necessary contact details and other information for the order as soon as possible. However, if your employer provides Extranet Order Form via LeasePlan, please use only this form instead.

Do you need a faster delivery vehicle? Please contact our Customer Service for an offer.

2. Extend your contract

If your leasing contract is about to expire but you are not ready to return the vehicle, please contact your employer or LeasePlan’s Customer Service for further advice regarding the contract extention.

3. Buy your benefit vehicle at the end of lease

Did you know that you can buy your lease car to yourself if your company allows this? If you are interested in buying your car which history you know, please contact LeasePlan’s Customer Service. This an easy way to buy a car and we can also provide a financing solution upon your request. LeasePlan sells cars at their market price. The price for the car can be provided not earlier than 3 months before the contract end date.

Please notice that LCV’s and other production vehicles cannot be purchased at the end of lease by the driver or other employees of the company.

4. Return your car

Instructions for the car return can be found find via link below.

Our Customer Service is here to help

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    **0207 420 900


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