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for LeasePlan, mobility and you

The world of mobility is rapidly evolving. That’s why we’re working to lead the way to what’s next. For our company, our industry and you – our customers. Not only do we want to make business travel as easy as possible, our goal is also to promote, develop, innovate and implement new solutions that support environmentally friendly and sustainable development in mobility. Discover how we’re delivering any car, anytime, anywhere.


Working towards zero emissions


Our industry is in the middle of a major transition. We’re committed to a greener future. In line with the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals, LeasePlan aims to achieve zero net emissions from the automotive sector by 2030. We’re using our scale, expertise and global presence to be at the heart of the discussion and to make the world a more environmentally friendly place by providing ecological, safe and easy automotive solutions for our customers.

How will we do that?

With a three-step strategy:

Communicate: We can't make a change all alone. We're working with together with our customers and partners to tackle energy, climate and air-quality issues.

Educate: We want widespread adoption of low-emission vehicles. So we're sharing information about the options, benefits and best practices. To make sure consumers and policy makers are aware of the possibilities.

Facilitate: We're making it as easy as possible for consumers to go electric. Like offering full-service packages and home charging stations.


Moving from ownership to use


We’re living in a time where people are moving from owning cars to using cars-as-a-service, without the risks associated with ownership. With 50+ years of leasing expertise, LeasePlan is well positioned to be a leader in the car-as-a-service market and to raise awareness of the various options.

We’re also developing new services with mobility innovators including Uber, locally and internationally.

Smart technology

Innovations for safer, more enjoyable driving

Technology is transforming what it means to drive. The underlying cause of change is the growing awareness of the environment and the need for better and cleaner technology. And this rapid change is bringing exciting new opportunities.

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