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E-commerce boom driving innovation in last-mile delivery vans,says latest LeasePlan research

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The online shopping boom is driving rapid innovation in the light commercial vehicle (LCV)segment, with a next generation of smarter, cleaner and greener delivery vehicles about to enter the market. This is one of the key findings of LeasePlan’s new ‘What’s Next inLCVs’ report, published today.
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Commenting on the report, Tex Gunning,CEO of LeasePlan said:

“Looking ahead,smarter, cleaner and greener vans will become the new normal, and there will no excuse not to swap a white van for a green van. Covid means people are utterly dependent on online shopping, and this is leading to a huge increase in delivery traffic in urban centres. Thechallenge now for responsible corporates and SMEs ishow to manage this growth in a sustainableway, without sacrificing air quality in our towns and cities.The good news is that anentirerange of sustainable delivery vansare about to come onto the market, which have the potential to fundamentally reshape last-mile logisticsand enable fully net-zero operations.”

LeasePlan’s latest report includesan overview of the latest trends in LCV and last-mile delivery, including the emergence of ‘city logistics hubs’ and the role big data and connectivity plays in making last-mile logistics smarter and more efficient than ever. It also provides an overview of the next generation ofeLCVs models that are coming to the market, and takes a special look at two of the most exciting newcomers to the industry:Arrival and Rivian.

What’s Next in LCV sevent

On Friday, May 7 LeasePlan will host a ‘What’s Next in LCVs' online event. The event, which will take place from 12:30-13:30 CET,is free to attend and will featureappearances by

The sessionwill be moderated by Mark Lovett, Head of Commercial Vehicles at LeasePlan.While everyone interested in LCVs is welcome to attend, the event will be especially insightful for fleet managers and sustainability experts, as well as anyone interested in the latest zero-emission delivery technology.You can save your (virtual) seat today by registering on our LeasePlan Community.

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Published at April 22, 2021
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April 22, 2021
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