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In this case, flexible leasing is the best solution. Unlike fixed leasing or the purchase of vehicles, you only pay for the time the service is going to be needed. Many companies don't want to be tied to long-term contracts because they work in a sector with high seasonality, can't predict their long-term business volume or have a variable level of demand and need to change vehicle type depending on their needs.

If you're one of these cases, you need a plan adapted to your business!

How can you save costs with flexible leasing?

Next, we´ll see 3 reasons why flexible leasing allows you to save:

There are no penalties for early cancellations:

With flexible leasing, you only pay for the time the vehicle is needed. There is no commitment to stay on, and therefore there is no need to overpay for something that is not being used. In addition, during the leasing period, fixed monthly instalments are paid. How does this benefit you? As they're fixed fees, you'll have greater control and peace of mind, and as long as there are no unforeseen events, you'll pay the same every month. Whereas if you owned the vehicle, you'd have to additionally bear the maintenance costs that may vary due to breakdowns or payment of taxes.

Tax advantages:

Monthly instalments are tax deductible from Corporation Tax up to 100%.

Latest generation vehicles:

Over time, a vehicle you own depreciates and its cost of maintenance is higher. With flexible leasing this is not a problem, since as we have seen, fixed monthly instalments are paid. On the other hand, by always having the latest generation vehicles you save on fuel, as consumption is much more efficient with the latest technology.

Other points to keep in mind to save

If you've decided that flexible leasing can be a good solution for your business, there are other aspects that you should consider when choosing a leasing company and that will allow you to save even more, such as services included. It's essential that you know well what services are included, as this will result not only in savings, but also in time saved and peace of mind. At LeasePlan you can contract a flexible leasing service with a minimum duration of 1 month with all services, including free pick-up and delivery for leases equal to or greater than 3 months, a replacement vehicle for immobilisations of more than 24 hours and unlimited mileage.

Do you want to see everything that the LeasePlan flexible leasing service offers you? Click here!

Published at January 1, 0001

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January 1, 0001
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