Leasing of trucks

We highly value qualified consulting due to the fact, that with a longevity of more than 10 years and costs that can easily add up to DKK 500,000 per year it is important to get the right truck from the beginning. Are you, for example, in doubt whether your company needs a truck or might settle for a large van, we can help you calculate costs and outline pros and cons in order to make the choice easier for you.

Trucks to meet every need

Which brand you choose is really the smallest part of the considerations. Most important is to clarify the needs the truck has to meet, for example:

LeasePlan has long experience in this field, and we participate throughout the whole process in order to ensure that your company gets the most optimal solution, regarding both to economic terms and practical use.

Cooperation ensure quality

We work with all the leading truck brands in Denmark, which is essential in order to find the best value for money, always. We also cooperate with some of the most skilled constructors, importers and manufacturers of equipment for the transportation industry such as cranes, trailers etc.

When the leasing agreement expires or if you have a truck you don’t need anymore, LeasePlan also has a great network of professional buyers, which ensures you the best possible price, when the truck is worn-out or is due for termination.

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