Tesla Model 3

kr 4.295
incl. VAT
36 months
15.000 km
kr 14.995
kr 650 p/m
kr 1.000 p/m
kr 250 p/m
kr 250 p/m
kr 500 p/m
kr 1.045 p/m
kr 550 p/m
kr 4.295

High degree of luxury Regardless of whether you choose Standard Range Plus, Long Range or the lightning-fast Performance, you get an electric car with a high degree of luxury both inside and out for an affordable price.

The coveted Tesla Model 3 lives up to the hype and high expectations. With its elegant exterior, powerful engine, unrivaled ride comfort and impressive technical innovation, Model 3 takes electric driving to a new level.

Total costs during the leasing period at 15,000 km: DKK 169,615.

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Tesla Model 3

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