FDM private lease allows you to drive a new car of your choice without the hassle of ownership. See it as an all-inclusive leasing package for a fixed monthly price.

Maintenance and repairs are included and you decide the duration of your lease. Just enjoy the ride.

5 steps and you are on the road

  1. Find your favorite car

    Find your car in the showroom where you can easily sort the cars according to your wishes and needs.

  2. Get an offer

    Once you have found the car you are interested in, click Get Offer and fill out the form.

  3. Credit approval

    Then go to skat.dk and provide us access to your personal tax informations (Skattemappe), so that we can perform a credit approval

  4. Sign the agreement

    Once you are credit approved, you will receive your lease agreement which you will need to sign. Then you pay the deposit online with your debit card.

  5. Your car is on the way!

    The order is completed, we arrange delivery and you can start looking forward to your new car.

Is private lease for you? Absolutely!


    No need to worry about your car's maintenance.

    Easy to budget

    No surprises. Just a fixed fee each month. And no big upfront investment.


    Wheter you drive a little, or a lot. Choose a leasing contract to suit your needs. And always drive a brand new vehicle.

What's included?

  • Fixed low expenses
  • No foreseen bills or risk
  • Short period
  • Incl. service and maintenance agreement
  • Always brand new cars

Your trusted private leasing partner

Personal leasing is a great alternative to buying a car. Especially when you choose the right partner.

LeasePlan has over 50 years of experience, starting in Europe and now in 32 countries. Making life easier for 1.8 million drivers around the world.

Our experience and expertise means we bring you the best service, cars and advice. So you can keep moving forward.

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