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How to get your car to thank you

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Most people enjoy a car in great condition. It runs better, looks better and it doesn't fail you on a cold winter morning when both time and weather are against you. Here are a few things you could do that doesn't require much.
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1. Under cover

If you are lucky enough to have a carport or garage, make sure to use. You avoid bird droppings, branches and twigs, snow and pollen on the car, which makes a huge difference to the paintwork. Bonus; you avoid having to scrape the windscreens for ice and snow.

2. Look after the paintwork

Even if you do your best to avoid them, your car will still pick up the occasional scrape and ding. If this breaks the paintwork, remember to recoat it, as it will help protect against rust.

3. Keep it clean

Road salt, mud, pollen, bird droppings, dust and many other things get stuck and erode the car parts. Particularly road salt is a true enemy and it causes rust and corrosion in the undercarriage if it is not regularly washed offs. If possible, flush the undercarriage with a water hose during salt season. It is a delicate balance, how often you should wash your car, because too much wash will tear the paintwork and it is not very eco-friendly. We recommend once a month.

4. Be a parking strategist

Cars are getting bigger, but parking spaces aren’t – and this means scratches and dents. However, if you’re careful where you park, you can avoid a lot of the risks. Keep clear of spaces where cars might be turning, as they could scrape you without realising, and where possible, pick a space without cars next to you.

5. Don’t skip services

Most cars will let you know when it is time for regular service. Please don’t let it run late or ignore it. Even though the car purrs like a cat the regular service is very important because it often catches the problems before they occur.

You can book your service via the link on this page

6. Be tyre aware

If your tyres are below, or even close to, the limit, your car will take longer to stop in an emergency, which can put you and your family in danger. Checking them regularly can help you make sure you have enough tread.

7. Always type in mileage when refuelling

This is not exactly related to the condition of the car, but it helps keeping your contract in top form. If you remember to update mileage every time, we can monitor if the contract meets your requirements and adjust it. And your Fleet Manager will always have valid data for fleet management and reporting.

Published at December 17, 2019
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December 17, 2019
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