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Government deal aims to reach 775.000 electric vehicles in 2030

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Finally an agreement has been put in place for the green transition of the road transport. A plan has successfully been made for restructuring registration tax, taxation and other elements. All this to ensure a simplified taxation system and to promote the green transition.
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With this deal the Government aims to reach 775.000 electric vehicles in 2030, and to stop all sales of traditional fuelled vehicles in 2030.

This will be achieved by:

At this point, LeasePlan is investigating the effect of the proposed changes, to ensure our capabilities to advise our customers and partners in the best way possible. Since this deal is still only a political deal expected to be registered as a proposal at the 18th of December, there will still be insecurities related to the complete effect of the deal. LeasePlan takes precautions for any future adjustments of the current proposal until the final proposal.

Should the current proposal be approved as it is drafted, the following will be applicable:

It is too soon to explain in detail the effect on certain models, which is the reason we advise all of you to stay updated through our website.

The authorities have made a statement of the expected consequences from the deal. We refer to this for further details and examples.

Published at December 10, 2020
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December 10, 2020
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