New legislation for commercial vehicles from 1 July 2019

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On 1 July 2019, new legislation will become effective for vans over 2,000 kg, which entail new requirements for both hauliers and van drivers.
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This pdf gives you a full overview of how the process will be

New for commercial vans for internal use From 1 July 2019, commercial vans used for internal purposes must be registered hereto.

The use of a van is regarded as commercial van use, if the van is used for the transport of goods to the company registered as the user of the vehicle. This also applies if the user transports goods that the company rents, borrows, lends or holds in order to purchase, sell, manufacture, process or repair. The commercial van use must only be a help function of the company’s total activities. 

New for foreign freight transportation The use of a van is considered foreign freight transportation if the user transports goods for payment, where the goods do not belong to or are not linked to the registered user of the vehicle. From 1 July 2019, there are new permits and training requirements for hauliers and drivers who carry freight for foreign invoicing in vans.

For the van’s haulier:

  • Hauliers and transport managers must have completed and passed a van haulier training. Existing hauliers may, under certain conditions, be exempted from the training
  • Drivers must have a van license. The license is only required for haulage companies established in the Danish area
  • Applications for permission must be sent electronically to Færdselsstyrelsen (the Danish Transport Authority) via
  • Haulage companies must have an equity of at least DKK 13,500 for the first van license and DKK 6,750 for each additional license
  • Transport managers in haulage companies must be paid

For the van driver:

  • Van drivers must have completed and passed a basic or supplementary training as a van driver
  • Van drivers must have a van driver training certificate, which must be with them while driving. Drivers who already have a blue driver's training certificate (CUB) just need to have it with them while driving in a van and not do more in regards to the new rules

Read more about the rules at (in Danish): 

Published at March 12, 2019
March 12, 2019
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