Is it time for car inspections?

We have made it easy for you

Book an appointment with Applus

LeasePlan has an agreement with Applus Bilsyn. This makes it easy for you once your car has been summoned for inspection.

You can use this agreement when your company car needs to go to inspections, and when paying, simply state LeasePlan's account no. 36738300. In this way, the bill will be sent directly to LeasePlan.

Do you want to use other suppliers than Applus for car inspection?

It is also possible to have your leasing car inspected by another supplier than Applus.

If you use other supplier than Applus, you must pay for this yourself. In order to get a refund, please fill out our form for cash claim.

You can advantageously use My LeasePlan, where you will find a function for cash claims.

    Cash claim

    Expenses in connection with the inspection of a car by someone other than Applus are refunded by LeasePlan by filling in the form and attaching your receipt.

    Get the cash claim here (pdf)

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