FAQ for Used Car Lease

Find answers to the most important questions

How do I book service? Service should be booked at a DriveClever workshops. You will receive a link for creation in the app 14 days after you have collected your leased car. If you have not gained access to the app, you can contact us at ucl.dk@leaseplan.com to be sent a link to the app.Where should I return the car? The car must be returned to APP-plus. You will find a guide to delivery [here](targetSelf:https://www.applusbilsyn.dk/leasing-biltest/leaseplan).How do I get in touch with roadside assistance? You can contact roadside assistance on 3673 8484.How do I get in contact with roadside assistance? You can contact roadside assistance on 3673 8484.When will I receive my invoice? It can take up to 2 months from the delivery of your car until you receive your first invoice.What do I do if the car is damaged? Contact your insurance company. If your car is leased through our private leasing at GoMore, you can contact Tryg directly to report your damage.What do I do if the car gets hit by a rock? Contact your insurance company directly. If your car is leased through GoMore, you can book an appointment online at [Carglass](targetSelf:https://www.carglass.dk/partner/leaseplan). Carglass can serve you either at the address that suits you best or at one of Carglass' workshops - this service applies to both stone chip repair and window replacement. You should be aware that if your car has a camera attached to the windscreen, the window replacement may have to take place at one of Carglass' workshops to ensure correct calibration of the camera after the window replacement. Carglass offers assistance for acute glass damage throughout Europe – you simply call Carglass in Denmark, and they will help you further. [  ](targetSelf:https://www.carglass.dk/booking?service=branch)Where can I find the car's registration certificate? If you need to use part 1 of the registration certificate, please contact us at ucl.dk@leaseplan.comHow do I return the car? If you want to return the car before the end of the leasing agreement, you can send an email to ucl.dk@leaseplan.com for more information about this. You can return your lease car after 12 months at the earliest.