EV or plug-in hybrid

What is the difference?

What is the difference between electric cars and plug-in hybrids? We provide an overview, so you can decide, whether your driving pattern and needs are best suited for a fully electric car or plug-in hybrid. 


A battery electric vehicle, is powered by a large battery, that is connected to at least one electric motor. There is no gas or diesel involved.

Battery electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common and affordable thanks to rapid innovations by relatively new companies such as Tesla and established car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Nissan.

At the same time, the charging infrastructure and technology are also constantly being developed and improved, while the charging network worldwide has grown exponentially in recent years.

Plug-in hybrid

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) have an internal combustion engine and a battery, just like a hybrid. But in addition to charging the battery while you are driving, you mainly charge it by plugging it in at home or on the go. This gives plug-in hybrids a far greater range than parallel hybrids.

The current plug-in hybrids can typically run 50 km on electricity, and petrol when the battery is empty. 

Are you into electric cars or plug-in hybrids?

We have highlighted the pros and cons of both powertrains in an overview for you, so you can get a quick overview of what works best for you.

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We recommend!

Electric (EV)

  • Cheaper operation and maintenance
  • Lower CO₂ emissions during the lifespan of the car
  • Preheated in winter or precooled in summer
  • Taxes on electric cars, below DKK 468,000, will not increase in 2022
  • Most electric cars have long ranges of over 300 km
  • High consumption at high speeds on the highway
  • Shorter range in winter

Plug-in hybrid (PHEV)

  • Low noise when driving on electricity
  • Fees on plug-in hybrid are still attractive in 2022
  • High fuel consumption if the electrical part is not used
  • Limited electrical range, especially in winter
  • Must be charged daily to maintain green driving

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